My debut novel is The After Realms:

YA fantasy sections of bookstores are brimming with stories of regular teens being transported to wondrous worlds. The mystical sphere that Claire Reddings is spirited away to in THE AFTER REALMS, however, is both refreshingly different and powerfully relatable, as her portal to otherworldly adventure is one we must all one day step through—death.

Claire’s is a life crippled by anxiety and insecurity. It’s a life plagued by regret and fears. It’s also a life that’s about to end.

A normal day becomes Claire’s last as she’s plowed over by a pickup truck on her way to high school. Her soul ascends to the After Realms, and Claire quickly discovers life after death to be radically unlike anything she’s ever imagined. Yet, for all its oddities, the afterlife holds some horrible similarities to the existence Claire’s just left behind: she’s still lost, unsure, and alone.


When she suddenly sprouts wings of light, however, Claire generates more allies, and more enemies, than she can handle.


Anchored by new friendships with people like William—a young man she feels an instant connection to—Claire nonetheless finds herself pulled ever-deeper into danger. She’s hunted by hitmen, thrust into the middle of a war, and entangled in an appearance-shifting general’s plot to destroy the ruler of the After Realms himself: a being known only as Father.

Within death, can Claire become the strong, confident person she was never able to be in life? And can she do it in time to protect her friends, defend the mysterious Father, and save the After Realms?

THE AFTER REALMS is a new YA fantasy novel, complete at 102,000 words. It is part of a planned series.